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Our People

Alpha Omega Elevation is a Greenwood Suboxone Treatment Center that uses spirituality as well as suboxone to fight addiction.

Be Sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour - 1 Peter 5:8

Be Sober
If you are hear for yourself, We are here for you. If you are here for someone else, we are here here for them to. Opiate Addiction is not a choice. It is a disease that alters the very workings of the mind. This disease is treatable and beatable. How many times you have attempted to quit before does not matter. You can quit and our drug addiction counselors and suboxone doctor can treat you medically and spirtually on your road to recovery.

Every single day, approximately 130 Americans die from an Opiate overdose. In the 1990's, the government required signs to be posted in emergency departments saying patients have a right to have their pain treated and then went on to tie patient satisifaction to reimbursement.

This certainly drove the number of prescriptions being written. Opiods are great at treating acute pain. But, they also help emotional pain.

This can lead unspecting people to feel the need to continue, initially, getting legitimate scripts.

Today a crisis exists and we are here to help.

Help is just a call away at our Greenwood Suboxone Drug Treatment Center

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Daily JournalTreatment center fights addiction with medication, spirituality
They come to the emergency room on the verge of death, broken by opioid abuse. Dr. Dee Bonney has seen too many of these men and women in his role as an emergency department physician for Franciscan Health Indianapolis. They’re suffering physically and mentally in their addiction. Bonney talks with them, and they know they’re in trouble. But they don’t know how to escape the drugs....More

Indianapolis Star - Greenwood opioid clinic adds spirituality to Suboxone to treat addiction
Patients would often look askance at Dr. Dee Bonney when he asked them out to lunch or coffee after treating them in the emergency room, but that didn’t stop him from offering. As the Franciscan Health doctor’s personal connection to faith strengthened, he found himself increasingly drawn to talk with these troubled patients, particularly those brought to the emergency room because of an opioid overdose. More....

WTHR Channel 13 Indianapolis - New opioid addiction clinic pairs medication with spirituality
GREENWOOD, Ind. (WTHR) - A new clinic for opioid addiction is bringing a new focus on faith to help heal. The clinic in Greenwood gives not only Suboxone as medical treatment, but also turns to Scripture for recovery. Like so many Hoosiers, Anthony Phelps, a father of seven, found himself in the dangerous grip of drug addiction. "Meth, heroin, drugs, period. Anything that altered my mind," Phelps said. More...